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Athletic Mouthguards

When your child begins participating in sports and recreational activities, the risk for injuries to the mouth and face increases.  Orofacial injuries can include chipped teeth, avulsed teeth (knocked out), and even jaw fractures. Lifetime costs of a knocked-out permanent tooth can be upwards toward $20,000, not including missed time at school and work. Athletic mouthguards serve to help prevent these injuries by redistributing traumatic forces to the mouth. A properly fitted mouthguard should stay in place, making it easy for your child to talk and breath while wearing it. An athletic mouthguard should, without a doubt, be a part of your child's athletic gear. Store bought (boil & bite) and custom fabricated athletic mouthguards are both available options at our practice.


Don't be a fool, mouthguards are cool! 

See the American Dental Association's recommendations on athletic mouthguards HERE

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