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Pediatric Dentistry


About Countryside

Our Mission at Countryside Pediatric Dentistry is to promote a generation of children who take pride in their oral health. We strive to extinguish dental anxiety by creating positive experiences catered to each developmental stage and building a dynamic bond between the pediatric dentist, the patient and their family over years of outstanding dental care and service.

We will provide extraordinary care through a team of highly specialized, child-centered, compassionate and energized individuals who are dedicated to the specialty of pediatric dentistry. Every child is unique, and we will treat all children from infancy through adulthood as if they are our own. We promise to maintain the highest standard of care. We will provide an exceptional dental home and follow the guidelines set forth by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. 

We will listen to our patients’ concerns and emphasize timeliness, mutual respect, integrity and education that is both fun and easy to understand. We believe that every child has a different comfort level in the dental office and will adapt to each patient. We vow to celebrate even small successes and wipe away tears with compassion and grace.

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